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PLL Hanna,Spencer and Caleb 7x04

To be a fan of Pretty Little Liars , you need to be understand a few big things: 1 that what you think is going to happen is never actually going to happen, 2 that Tyler Blackburn is a perfect human being, and 3 that when new footage, photos, or information comes out, you're going to have a lot of feelings. Such has been the case throughout the last few months leading up to Pretty Little Liar s' 6B premiere on Jan. One of the biggest mysteries thus far has been the question of whether, in these new installments, Spencer and Caleb are dating , and understandably, 'shippers of Haleb and Spoby are worried re: freaking out that the formerly platonic duo have made things romantic. Well, sorry to make things worse, but according to Spencer herself, Troian Bellisario , the rumors just might be true. That may not be a definite "yes, they're dating," but read between the lines: "consenting adults," "huge betrayal," "involved in a relationship. According to Bellisario, though, that might not be such a bad thing. And the thing is, they both have incredible love for each other and for Hanna.

The actor references Spencer's support of Caleb through his post-Ravenswood drinking days, as well as her advice to Hanna after the dollhouse not to push Caleb away, as examples of the care the trio have for one another.

And no matter what happens in 6B, Bellisario says, "The main thing Still, she's clearly enjoying the speculation around the dating rumors, laughing at passionate Haleb and Spoby 'shippers' reactions to the fateful new footage.

She's careful to keep the possibilities for what exactly that "it" is wide open, though.

Pretty Little Liars - Toby confronts Spencer and Caleb 6x18

That Spencer and Caleb aren't dating? Or that they are, but Hanna's totally OK with it?

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Or that the three of them and maybe even Toby are together in some strange but ultimately fan-satisfying relationship? It's PLL.

Sorry, Spencer (Troian Bellisario), but while Spaleb was a fun tryst (or, you know, the worst thing to ever happen to Pretty Little Liars) it's all. Spaleb Pairing: Spencer Hastings and Caleb Rivers Status: Broken Up, Close Friends Started: A Hot Piece of A (friendship) The Gloves Are On. Sorry Haleb fans it seems like there may be a new it couple in Rosewood. In the Pretty Little Liars Season 6B premiere, Spencer and Caleb.

Last week, the two had to confront what Caleb's kiss with Hanna in last season's finale really meant. Was it a trip down memory lane or had Caleb never really gotten over his ex?

Spencer's heartfelt confusion and pain over the fact that she was in love with Caleb while he seemed so confused was a sobering moment for the couple. It also seemed like the writing was on the wall for the two lovebirds and the show would continue hurtling down the path to reuniting all of its original 'ships.

Several times the show has seemed to dissuading fans from ever getting behind Spencer and Caleb as a legitimate couple. In the Season 6 finale, PLL played up the sexual chemistry between Spencer and Caleb, then juxtaposed that against the emotional connection seen in Hanna and Caleb's breakup years before.

By the time Hanna and Caleb kissed in the cabin, the show had diluted Caleb and Spencer's relationship to be about mere physical sparks instead of a devoted partnership. This week, the show subverted that theory with Caleb's ardent plea for Spencer to give him another chance. There was no flashback to the night Caleb first realized he had feelings for Spencer, but his earnest recounting of the evening they spent together while Spencer tearfully listened on the other side of the door was straight-up Emmy material.

To be a fan of Pretty Little Liars, you need to be understand a few big things: 1) that what you think is going to happen is never actually going to. i think the person who fall in love with caleb was spencer and not her would NEVER date caleb if hanna said no but the majority of pll fans.

They hadn't kissed or held hands, but the fact that Spencer and Caleb had developed something very real was undeniable. Even Hanna could hear it.

Caleb and spencer dating pll

While Caleb and Hanna, nicknamed by the internet "Haleb," were arguably the strongest couple of the original PLL 'ships, it's unfair to suggest that Spencer and Caleb's love isn't genuine. Creator I. Marlene King has said that Season 7 is the homecoming season and the show's most romantic arc.

Hopefully, Pretty Little Liars won't make the same mistake as Caleb did in the cabin with Hanna and choose nostalgia over heart. Spencer and Caleb have earned their chance to really make it work and we think they can make it. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now.

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There are so many questions about this season of Pretty Little Liars but the biggest one of all (okay, besides finding a murder suspect. Spencer and Caleb have delivered the most powerful moment of Pretty Little Liars two weeks in a row. Why are we so eager to wreck this ship?. When Spencer asked to date Caleb, it obviously hurt her, but she again set her feelings aside and let Spaleb happen. This lead her to keep.

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Why Spencer & Caleb Dating On 'Pretty Little Liars' Could Actually Be A Great Thing

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