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DATING ADVICE: She wants to hang out after rejecting you. Why? (DATING ADVICE FOR GUYS)

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Yahoo Answers. Dating 2 months and no kiss? So I've been dating this guy for 2 months and things seem to be going really well.

I love him loads but its starting to feel like we're just friends and I want us to be more than that. Should I give him more time and be understanding if he's not as confident as me? Being friends first always makes the next move awkward, there is a lot riding on it if it goes wrong. He may think that you will not be friends if it goes badly. That said, two months is a long time not to kiss someone. Catch him off guard when he is least expecting it and just go with it! Kiss the girl! Kiss her.

If she's asking you what you think of her, it's because she's not sure, because you haven't SHOWN her. If you're the type that likes rules and specific directions about this type of thing, mine is, kiss them by the second date or don't kiss them at all.

Even if they aren't "ready" or "expecting it" or "wanting it" or whatever stupid crap, if they're into you they'll be pleasantly surprised at least. This has never failed me over quite a few dates. I was dropping my current girlfriend off after our second date, and she made what I thought was a show of fishing for her keys in her purse.

So I thought, "Heh heh, she wants me to kiss her," and I did. It was great. I thought, 'Whoa, that's a bit forward! Yes, like everyone is saying, kiss her. But also, realize that you are in the pilot's seat at the moment.

I have been dating girl for couple of months and yes we kiss briefly at the end of the date but it's just that, like no passionate kissing at all. My boyfriend and I have Been together for a little over 2 months and he not to have kissed your girlfriend after 2 months but there's no need to lie. . can't be dating me for popularity because I'm a little socially out of place. This is a very good hint for him to kiss you. also before doing that make him have a few drink. Source(s): my experience, when girl come too.

The fact that you haven't kissed her after 8 dates and yet she's still making time for you means that you have your finger on the trigger, my friend, and you need only to pull it. In other words, you can not miss. You are money. For this reason I would suggest a short longer than a few seconds, but not a full-on make-out kiss.


Enough so that she knows she's been kissed, and good, but then stop, smile, and move on to the next item. Then: wait. Don't go for another kiss again too soon. See what she does instead. This stand-offish thing has worked for you so far, so keep using it for all its worth.

We have been dating for two months and no kiss!

The restraint is key and a girl who's willing to wait it out is more than worth the effort. Take things slow but deliberately. And let us know how it goes. I would like you to picture, if you will, the following: The Girl is standing under a billboard. The billboard has flashing neon lights and sparkles and gltter. And possibly fireworks shooting out of it. I mean, seriously man. Don't give up before you even try.

I haven't tried it, but you might find you like the idea on this page - "How to tell if she's ready to be kissed" It's really a sort of advertising to get you to buy more of the same, but maybe you'll find it useful in and of itself, without the credit card. Easy way to find out and quit wondering about it? Once or twice a week for 2 months with the same person is NOT a low frequency of dates. After 8 dates and no kiss, she either REALLY likes you and is waiting for you to make a move, or she likes using you to keep herself from being bored.

Making that first step and risking rejection isn't the woman's "job", that's all your repsonsibility. This is a harsh but true reality of dating for men.

She making herself available to you so often should be a good indicator of how she feels about you, though. Do not ask for permission, do not hesitate. Do not apologize for being a man and wanting what a man wants with a woman he finds attractive. Reach down, grab 'em like you've got a pair and TAKE what you want. If she digs you, she'll gladly go along. If not, at least you know where you stand. Eight dates?! Kiss her, you turkey. Adding to the chorus of "make a move". You don't want some other guy to come along and kiss her first, do you?

Sooner or later she's going to figure you're just not that interested in her hence her question about what you thought of her - she's feeling you out - I'd never ask "just a friend" that question. Then she's going to give up on you and start looking for someone who makes her feel desired. Don't get to that point. It seems clear that she likes you, but lots of girls are really shy about initiating phyiscal contact.

However, most girls also like to be kissed. Go for it! And please follow up and let us know if she slaps your face or kisses back. As a shy female who appreciates when guys show some respect upfront I am the most myopic, over-thinking, excessively respectful guy in the world, and even I know that you should just go ahead and make a move.

Go for it Sure, go ahead and kiss her. Just be prepared for her not reacting quite the way you'd like. After 8 dates she may have decided you're not romantic material and this could just seem strange.

Just another two cents. You know, I'm going to go against the grain a little bit here.

From everything you've said, it sounds as though this girl has some issues. Her "busy" life, her preference against "touchiness". Sorry about that. In all seriousness, though, it sounds as though even if she rejects your kiss which she won't you have some solid friend material here. What's to lose? Seriously, if she's comfortable getting that close, she wants you to make a move.

Once or twice a week for 2 months with the same person is NOT a low frequency of dates. After 8 dates and no kiss, she either REALLY likes you and is waiting for you to make This is a harsh but true reality of dating for men. First, let's be clear, you are not "dating", in any sense of the word. You have a female friend that you frequently get coffee with. That's it. And. aleesha asks: I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 2 months but we' ve been best friends for 3 years. The thing is he's too scared to.

Kiss her She did say she doesn't want one right now, so she might just want a kissin' buddy. If that's not cool with you then don't kiss her because you'll get more emotionally attached once you start getting physical. Man, she's probably kicking herself for giving you that "I like how un-touchy you are" line on your first date And please don't ask her for her permission.

Dating 2 months and no kiss

Women love to feel irresistible! Just take her in your arms and plant one. A devil's advocate: Don't kiss her. You're probably not kissing her because, deep down, you're afraid she'll reject you.

Here's the thing: if she's going to reject you, you should figure that out NOW so that you can stop wasting your time with her and move on to someone else. Kiss her, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Time to man up. I was the girl in a relationship like this when I was This guy and I hung out for a couple of months. I met his mother.

We stayed up all night talking. We would hug, he would kiss my hand, there was lots of physical contact Finally I asked him what the deal was.

Never mind why I didn't just kiss him. He said he wasn't ready to get involved in a romantic relationship. And today, women are told to ignore the instinct to be discerning. Our lips coming together actually creates a chemical aphrodisiac called Phenylethylamine.

I asked him tonight if he was still online dating and he said no. It took me and my boyfriend about 2 months to kiss, I am in my early 30's and. Why can't I kiss this girl whom I have been dating for past 5 months? is no ' magical' number of times you date someone when a kiss should. This Dating Coach Says “No Kissing For 3 Months” Lands Mr. Right . as possible in order to continue our species, and 2) our lizard brain is still fear driven .

THIS is why kissing precedes sex! And 2 We feel like we know a whole lot about that person already, painting a picture about their character and what our future will look like together.

And when the reality turns out to be the opposite, we end up feeling hurt and confused. To be comfortable sitting back and letting the men compete for what they hold most precious, YOU.

However, after four months he says he is still not ready to kiss me. DEAR AMY: I invited a friend and her family (husband and two children) to.

And then give them the greatest gift of all…your kiss and your devotion. I have no idea how to even start dating like this! So watch those ones fade off, leaving just the generous, long term thinkers in your sights. Amazing, devoted, responsible, loving partners who are ready to settle down and show you off as the woman they love.

Need help figuring the whole thing out?

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