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My Beautiful Baby 13 Weeks

Me and the father of my unborn child met over Facebook about a year ago. We hit it off right away. We hung out for about 4 months or so, and started to develop feelings for one another. Then BOOM! I was pregnant. How is he going to feel about this?

This made me really stressed and irritable, which affected my relationship with my husband for a while. But it may make you feel better prepared for the changes ahead and reassure you that you are in a strong, healthy and loving relationship. Sometimes problems in a relationship can become overwhelming. Some people may feel like they are dealing with everything on their own and so feel isolated or resentful.

If you are feeling unhappy you may want to try relationship advice or counselling. This gives you a chance to talk about your worries together in a safe and confidential place with a trained counsellor. You can also talk to a counsellor about your relationship on your own if you want. Unfortunately, some couples split up when they are expecting a baby.

This can be a very difficult time for both of you but there is support available. The charity Gingerbread supports single parent mums and dads by providing information about things like:. One in four women experiences domestic abuse or domestic violence at some point in their lives.

Some abuse starts when women become pregnant.

The first whisper reads, "I got pregnant after only 2 months of dating.. We are madly in love 5. We've only been dating 2 months and now I'm pregnant. This. After 4 months of dating him she became pregnant. He already has a That Was Fast: Carl Crawford Allegedly Has 5th Child With New Baby. and this man have been dating for about 4 months and of that. so yeah that's all it took!now I'm about 5 weeks pregnant and.

Other times the abuse gets worse during or after pregnancy. Domestic violence or abuse can cause emotional and mental health problems, including stress and anxiety.

It also puts you and your unborn child at risk. It may be very difficult to recognise or admit what is happening. Remember that domestic violence or abuse can happen to anyone and you are not alone.

There are professionals you can talk to if you are thinking about having a family but are being abused. Remember that anything you say to your midwife or doctor is in confidence.

That means they can't tell anyone else without your permission. They may be able to help you and, if not, they can advise you where to go for help.

NHS Choices. Next review date October 12th, We caught the pregnancy really early, like weeks, so there is no chance of any damage to the wee been from drinking and smoking etc.

Or is she going to be fine as long as she stops at the 6 week mark. Im a 42yrs old pregnant and I would love to join you and get anwsers or progress how my baby is doing pls. I am so disappointed in my self. I was married and got out of it because of verbal and physical abuse. After the separation i was happy with my 7 year old son.

Dating 5 months and pregnant

One year after I met this guy and he seem so wonderful I decided to give love another try. I am now 7 months pregnant and things are turning for the worst. He keeps accusing me of cheating even though I am pregnant. He call me all the worst name I can think of. I am studying and one of my class mate message me asking g me for some notes and he is convinced I am doing something.

I say I am a slur and a hore and he should have k ow better. Now he is saying the baby is not his and he will not sing the birth paper. What ever he can say to hurt me he say it. I ask him to leave and he say he will get the rest of his stuff tomorrow. The sad part Is i have my 7 year old and pregnant with a little girl. I am depressed because now i have two kids with no father. It hurts me so much to put these kids through this.

I grew up without a father and it was not great. I need help all I am doing is crying and thinking about how I am going to do this. I focus is passing my state board exam and start a better paying job to support my family.

All this guy can think of if all the negative things I life. I will move on but the thought of it just kills me inside. I am 32 and I feel like I had enough of relationships and me.

I feel like my life is over.

Dear Nesa, I am so sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time at the moment. Best wishes Tommy's midwife. Hun, I can relate to all these things u saying I'm feeling the same way it really hurt when u pregnant with their child an treat u like shit I dont wanna raise by myself because I have a future so I no what u going threw My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years now, i moved in at his place about a year ago however I am now 6 weeks pregnant.

I discussed it with him however he insists that I terminate the pregnancy because he is not ready financially and emotionally. I want to keep the baby but i fear him leaving me on my own to bring up this child, this would be the second time i have gotten pregnant for him I terminated my last pregnancy because of the same reason. I don't want to abort my baby what should I do?

Hello Vee, I feel as though I just read something that describes my whole situation that I am currently dealing with.

These Women Got Pregnant After Only A Few Months Of Dating

I also terminated a previous pregnancy with my boyfriend for the same reason and I am now 7 weeks into the second pregnancy. If you find any good advice, please let me know. Good luck to you and have an amazing pregnancy. Before I got pregnant we had a disagreement with my husband and when we got back Immediately i got pregnant he now pressuring me that the kid is not his wat should I do. My BF Abuses me verbally, physically etc. He has me on a leash and goes with me everywhere I go, but if I try to tell him something about him doing something wrong I get a beating for sure.

My job is another problem, my boss is from England and she gives me the hardest time ever. This last few days have been hell and I have no one to talk to, I feel trapped I feel lonely I feel like I maybe made a mistake that will now tie me for the rest of my life with this man.

Hi Jasmine. Peopel who were abused during childhood are attracted to the abusive partners. As far as the childhood issue is not fixed, the person only attracted to the abusive people. I think if you can, take some help and get rid of this abusive partner.

In less than 13 weeks an innocent child will born and you don't want to have a sick person around. I wish you the best.

I feel conpletely helpless and hopeless. What you are experiencing is so far from normal. It is never ok to be in a physically or verbally abusive relationship. You have done the right thing reaching out. As a mum myself there is no stronger relationship between a mother and their child. I have never experienced this utter urge to protect something so much that it scares me every day. The best thing to do is take small steps to a long term goal. Number 1 being seek help and advice from a professional about your abusive relationship.

Advice on housing, financial and emotional support. You can do this! In 5 years time you will have a young son or daughter that will look up to you and see a strong mummy who did the best by them. No kid deserves that. I know how it feels to feel alone, to justify things that are not normal in your life and blame yourself and punish yourself rather than take action. I have felt bullied in work and at home and the only thing that can stop it is your reaction.

Just get the right support. You are so much stronger than you think.

We dated for 4 months and mutually decided that we didn't want a long . But my mom was pregnant within 6 months of dating my dad. Your lady friend just told you she's pregnant. Don't panic. Here's how to they hug real close, and voila! Nine months later, a baby is born!. A week after the split he went out on a date and is still now in contact with this girl. . 5 months pregnant he won't talk or think about anything other than his job.

Little steps remember. I'm 2 weeks pregnant and I have told my bf he want me to do abortion and I have been dating he for a year now he said he doesn't want a child now he have 3 child with his baby mom and I don't know what to do now because I have feel good about abortion the child.

He lives in Florida moved before he found out and I live in Oregon. Abortion is against what I believe for a while I cut him out of my life and just made a decision to do things on my own since he was not supportive my decision to keep the baby. He has come around and made a decision to compromise and do whats best for the baby and us. I think in the beginning things can be said and done out of fear, I feel if we go with what our hearts tell us and do whats right in our minds then thats what matters.

Hormones have a big play in pregnancy especially early on. I am grateful i did not have an abortion and make such a important decision based off of fear. I pray you go with what your heart tells you and do not make a decision out of fear.

I've been with my partner for 5 years. We have a 10 month old son and baby girl on the way. He's been very distant towards me since I've been pregnant with the second baby. I try to tell him that he worries me by staying out late and drinking to he passes out. I asked him does he wants to leave and co parent I'm just fed up with him and ready to call it quits. Turn out to only be a scare.

This year I tried to talk to him about starting a family but he said he rather break up then us try for a baby. As I rather raise my child alone with my family than be stuck into a unhappy situation and see my child suffering everyday.

My first pregnancy ; I was with my boyfriend for a year when I was 16 and I wanted to break up; so we did. He told to come watch a movie as friends; when I come over; he encouraged me to take drugs and get high; he then raped me in the bath, I woke the next day and had no recollection of what had happened. I continued partying and taking drugs unaware of my pregnancy. Until one of my friends told me I looked pregnant.

I went to the doctor and I was 4 months! So I decided to end it and I did. I went the doctor and he told me I was 3 months. And I should have come in sooner.

Everything was fine and we went for the 20 week scan and found out I was carrying non identical twins; a boy and a girl. We was so happy til a few days later when I went into preterm labour and had a miscarriage at 5 months. It was the most devastating thing in my life; We found out that I had caught an infection from our cat and there nothing we could have done to prevent the miscarriage; we tried to get through it but we became distant and then we broke up.

I urge any women reading this to empower yourself by removing yourself from an unhappy abusive situation, find a safe place; move house; move town, change your number; build your strength and confidence and find a man willing to commit and accept you a unit. What hurts more than tears is wasted years!

Great advice to all the women who are going through situations like these or similar ones. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that and your mom.

God Bless You. I have been with my partner for three full years moved out everything. I never knew I could get pregnant as I had several harmonial problems. One day I took a test as I missed my period for five weeks, on some cycles this was normal. Test came positive and things have just been upside down since then. My partner is all about money. All he wants to do is buy a house so a day to day relationship enjoyments and dates are never there. Any advise.

Im currently 16 weeks pregnant, this wasnt a planned pregnancy so was a shock.

When we found out i was 6 weeks gone and me and my partner had only been together 2 months. Before the pregnancy the relationship was okay, it wasnt perfect but we was happy.

As this pregnancy progressed i found myself tired all the time, constantly feeling sick and just wanting to shut everyone out. We live quite far from each other and was only seeing each other once a week.

Somedays i could do without contact with him cause even the thought of going onto the phone made me feel really ill which frustrated him. Eventually we had argued about the same thing so much i felt like i was drowning and had to call it a day, this was around 3 weeks ago. A week after the split he went out on a date and is still now in contact with this girl.

I thought id lost some feelings for him but now im unsure, im really upset and angry over the date and just want to reach out to him but i know if i try it makes things harder for him. He told me he loved me but i hadnt got that far feelings wise so was frustrated i couldn't return the feelings. The only contact we have is text as hes blocked me on everything. I understand i made him feel alone and wasnt there when he needed me but i felt like i couldnt keep my head above water and couldn't be there like he wanted.

Now all the tiredness and nausea has passed im just constantly upset. I find myself checking my phone hoping hes messaged and then disappointed when he hasnt. I dont want to tell him exactly whats going on as im scared id just be leading him on if this is a want what you cant have. His family feel like ive used him to get pregnant and to claim off him. I dont know what todo anymore and im so scared of whats to come.

We've tried clearing the air and hes said i can text if i ever need a chat but I'm scared of causing him more upset. How can you tell if this is a want what you cant have or if i do still have feelings for him?


When i saw him last i felt so calm and relaxed even though we wasnt properly on speaking terms and i was feeling okay once i left for a few hours but cause i didnt hear off him ive been upset since. Is this normal with pregnancy hormones? Im all new to this and have nowhere or anyone to turn to. The only way to know whether or not you care for him is to have an honest and open relationship with him.

You need to talk to him about your feelings and try to work things out. If he can't handle it, then at least you know that A.

You did everything you could to make it work and B. He simply wasn't mature enough to handle a real relationship anyway. Because that's what a real relationship is. It's having messy, complicated feelings and having life throw struggles at you all the time and being brave enough and close enough to always be honest with each other and help each other through it all.

I've learned my girlfriend was pregnant we ended up breaking up because she felt overwhelmed by everything I try to be there for her but she gets mad and brings back the things I've done wrong I'm thinking i should stop trying I told if she needs anything she could contact me I believe your ex might be feeling the same way and telling him that you need help and telling the truth about your worries would be for the best because I think that's what he was waiting for.

My husband abuses verbally Hence I get so angry I just punch lightly is to my 25weeks pregnancy tummy Is it too dangerous for baby?? Is my baby safe? I am very worried about my baby because I had been in stress because of him for past months You need to leave you dont need someone around you or your baby think of you and your well being you dont want to ever have your child in a situation where he or she ever feels scared bc the safety of mommy is in jeopardy please leave go to your family.

Yes, that's very dangerous because you are tip-toeing down the road towards being an abusive mother as a way of dealing with your anger, sadness, and resentment towards your abusive partner. You need to leave him and find a therapist and a support group for yourself. If you find that you can't stop yourself from taking your anger out on your child then you need to find your child a safe home.

Justifying small abuses will lead you down a dark and dangerous path. Your post made me so sad : Yes that is dangerous! As a previous reply said, this is going in the direction of being an abusive mother, please leave your partner and seek help for yours and your baby's sake as this is not a normal reaction and not your baby's fault!

I have a 19months old and I'm nearly 30 weeks pregnant, when I was 7 weeks pregnant with my son 2years ago I was told by doctors to take it easy because they suspected I might have had a twin pregnancy and lost one, so my husband told me to stop working of which I did and then when my son was born and when he was about 9months o started looking for a job and I couldn't find Since the my husband and his family they been on neck over the issue, so this year I found out I was pregnant again and I got a job at the same time the job requires me to stand a lot, still his not happynow I need help with my other son coz I get pains and sometimes I lose strength, he does help anymore all he cares about is his work.

He also don't tell the truth to his family about. I'm at a point where I feel like I leave on my own, even when I'm not feeling well he expects me to do all the house chores Right now I'm so stressed and I have headaches all the time.

I don't what do. I am having a very tough time right now emotionally and mentally. I have been with my boyfriend for a while now and I am 7 months pregnant.

Just before my due date we went out for a really special 'last meal' also. Bookmark They got married when she was 5 months pregnant - with twins. Beautiful. He already has a 5 year old and is an AMAZING dad. My now husband and I were dating 6 months when I got pregnant, we married when. She's 5 months pregnant but wants to date someone who isn't the father of her child. The father wants to do right by her and the baby. He wants to stick around.

He already has 8 children but this is my first. We talked about having kids together but I didn't think it would happen. I have tried to get pregnant before. I've always wanted to be a mom and have a family.

He was kind of excited about it when I found out at 9. He doesn't work and keeps saying he will do anything to help me take care of our baby but he wants to act like a teenage boy playing video games all day and sleep all day and then be out all night.

I've been trying to hard to express my concerns and worries and my feelings to him but he never says anything back. Now he is saying that he doesn't know if he wants to be with me. I don't know what changed because I've only been trying even harder to make things good. What do I do? He hasn't changed my love but shown his true colours.

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