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Park Bom on Dong Wook: Maybe I'll really choose him, Entertainment News - AsiaOne

06082014 Roommate Ep 06 Park Bom: "Truthfully, I like Dongwook oppa!" BODONG CUT

Bom is umma, Dongwook is appa and Chanyeol is son. Idk but I like it XD. Okay guys, so this episode of Roommate has me wondering about Bodong. It was weird how annoyed he got trying to prove that BomWoo was fake. He could have tried to prove it without being so mad. Can somebody make a gif from roommate episode 3 when dongwook asks bom to eat together and then bom nodded and dongwook nodded too, yes they nodded together, that was the cutest thing evaaaarrrr.

Well, the Kang-Yeol Travel Agency was surely an opportunity for the both of them to become close.

Park Bom cries in the upcoming episode of "Roommates". to ask which of the “ Roommates” cast would she be most interested in dating. Whether she is more interested in Lee Dong Wook or Park Min Woo as a man, the. Park Bom mentioned a boyfriend in both Strong Heart and 2NE1TV. Is her Roommate cast member Lee Dong Wook the unknown boyfriend?. On SBS' variety program “Roommate,” 2NE1's Park Bom and actor Lee Dong Wook's marriage compatibility will be revealed. On a recently.

All thanks to childish Chanyeol. The way Kang Joon dances is really funny.

Bom and Dara seem to be close with each other. I think Kang Joon is generally a silent type of person.

When the two 5Surprise came to the Roommate house, I thought they were like country bumpkins who visited Seoul for the first time.

But the older was the worst one. They obviously changed the content of episode I mean, where was the Sherlock Bommes episode? And I thought Baekhyun was visiting in Episode 10?

She seems genuinely happy about meeting other people outside YG. I thought it would be that entertaining to have Baekhyun in the Roommate house but apparently his visit was a little boring.

I think it has a little to do with the editing. Honestly, one of the interesting things that can happen to Roommate is if they put the Park Siblings Chanyeol and Bom on a direct interaction.

The way Roommate prepares an episode is not according to timeline. They prepared it according to a theme.

2NE1 Bom Crying During "Roommate", Showing The Problem With Shipping

They pick a theme and then edit their footages in view of their chosen theme. An advice for the Roommate staff, if they want good ratings, they should push hard to invite the whole of EXO in an episode.

Haha… Chanyeol is obviously very competitive as seen in their mini games in Episode 8. The Seho and Nana couple thingy feels a little too forced.

But the Bom and Seho interaction is kind of cute and interesting. I mean you could even memorize all the names of your classmates in high school and even the name of the president of your country. So, how come 11 names are difficult? Honestly, I think they should fix the way they edit the show.

Note: — This post was written when Roommate was just in episode 5.

[ENG SUB] 140516 SBS Roommate - Who Is Park Bom's "Soulmate"?

During that part in Episode 5 when Se Ho waked Nana up, I think she was mostly embarrassed because Chanyeol saw her in an un-gorgeous way. Clearly, Park Bom is awkward towards Chanyeol. Is it a YG and SM thing? That I cannot answer. Or it could be that, they see him as a kid. Lee So Ra seems to admire Chanyeol in a way that if she has a son, he would want him to be like Chanyeol.

Call it a female instinct or a biased fan instinct? Haha… I think Jo Se Ho has that little conceited and insecure side of him. But, definitely, the Roommate casting team has made the right decision to put him [Jo Se Ho] in the show. In the near future, I think Lee So Ra will be involved in a fashion reality program.

Most of the female casts are clearly affected in every going-ons of Roommate but the male casts are just going with the flow except Jo Se Ho, I guess. Sorry TOP :.

Sometimes, reality shows can be disheartening because of the fact that there is a probability of it being scripted. And right now, I am having a fear of BoDong being scripted. Log in Sign up. Kind regards, A hard shipper. Thanks to "Roommate", now I got "Love is an open door" stuck in my head.

I am boarding the BoDong ship.

It better sail well and not sink! I love bodong but seeing Minwoo at the yg concert to support Bom gave me so many feels! Officially jumping on the Bodong ship cause that shit is too cute and I can't. Finished Roommate ep. Nana and SooHyun bond over GoStop and chicken.

Posts about Lee Dong Wook written by writernim. I think Park Bom and Min Woo's fake dating plan was suggested by the Roommate staff. As a member of 2NE1 Park Bom was banned from dating until two years ago, but even though the ban was lifted, it's not easy for a star of her.

The ending of Roommate episode 2 though… BoDong is top of my shipping list right now. I am glad they showed Bom bungee jumping. And I can't wait to see Chanyeol's face when he realizes Park Bom is going to live in the same roof as him. Bodong is so cute.

Together, Park Bom and Park Min Woo pretended to be dating, 2NE1's Park Bom blurted out a sudden confession to actor Lee Dong Wook. Park Bom on Dong Wook: Maybe I'll really choose him Bom, who had her dating ban lifted by her talent agency YG Entertainment two years. “Please take a look at Park Bom's dating fortune. “I like Lee Dong Wook oppa,” admitted 2NE1's Park Bom, who couldn't hide her giddiness.

I have the feeling that SBS Roommate is going to ruin my life. While Watching ep 1: Ugh.

Park bom and dong wook dating

I really hope they don't try to force love lines here. Fighting Unnie!!! I think Bom unnie will find her true love in Roommate. You know what I mean. Secret Mission.

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