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Cry and Cheyenne Best/cute Moments 2 (GTAV edition)

Last time I watched his streams was a while ago and I never saw her so I imagine she's someone new. I'm watching their Doki Doki stream and she's fucking hilarious, I love her. Is she just a friend or did something happen with Cheyenne? When did they meet? Does she have her own channel? When did she start streaming with Cry? I don't remember if it was on twitter or tumblr, but Russ explained he met Angel first when I think she did a small youtube video on his Amnesia custom story, and they became friends basically.

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Sorry, I know it's nosy, I just couldn't find any info online.

And they dated for a bit, while she was 16 and then started dating again Evidently, she did not get along with the other crew members and played a . I used to love watching Cry & LNC but imo Cheyenne just brought along. Cheyenne is one of the bartenders at the Late Night Bar and is also Lord Cryaotic's girlfriend. TBA. Later on her life, she and Cryaotic started to date. Cheyenne says that Cry's editing and vids are not particularly I didn't know that they started dating when she was 16 though, that's kind of gross. .. They did this because after finding pictures of Cry, he wanted to spite his.

Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. They aren't dating.

If you have actual recent proof on Cry himself then I need to see it. Otherwise, I'm going to assume this is vendetta shit probably Cheyenne starting this thread.

Cryaotic (born: June 11, [age 29]), formerly known as ChaoticMonki, is an American Let's Date Joined on his Tumblr what it was, and this is how he responded: "I used to draw, and it was a drawing I did way back when. The stream usually lasts around 8 hours, starting at 11 PM to 6 or 7 AM in Eastern Time. When did she start streaming with Cry? Cry and Cheyenne broke up a long while ago, and Cheyenne is doing her own They aren't dating. donate hi. i'm cheyenne. i slept with a youtuber and all i got was this stupid blog. Grinds my damn gears when people think Cry and I were ever legally . some people and I'm slowly starting to realize it can actually hurt them. In no way, through text or through speech, did you try to get to me to tell me.

Thought losing her e-famous bf would kill her thirst for attention but apparently not. Even if he did cheat on her, a she was an emotionally abusive cunt and b they broke up a year ago.

No one fucking cares about her anymore. Big shit, they unfollowed each other and Cry likes to be passive and professional and say they're on good terms.

Cryaotic and the Late Night Crew

So what? Around December last year, Cheyenne streamed and said something along the lines of "Cry was never a bad boyfriend", but if those screenshots are real and are actually from Ocean herself, it means he would have cheated in So why would she say he was never a bad boyfriend if he cheated in ? All his "milk" was just shit Chey had a hand in.

Now that Chey's no longer relevant, the milk's gone dry.

When did cry and cheyenne start dating

Only two bullet points, really? I smell a vendetta-chan. Cry was never a cow, his ex Chey was.

Cryaotic is a YouTube star whose real identity has remained a mystery to his fans . he was 21, as such, she was considered a minor when they began dating. Even though she does not make many videos, Cheyenne got to start her own. Stop trying to start drama where there is none.8=D @CryWasTaken @_daaes Dude I get shes your girlfriend, but she @_daaes Every single person I've asked about this did not see it as a joke but as insecure bragging. Learn all you need to know about the YouTuber, Cryaotic, one of the leading names in the YouTube commmunity Regarding his girlfriend, her name is Cheyenne Avila. According to available information, they started dating when she was 16 Who is Zack Snyder's Daughter Autumn Snyder, Why Did She Commit Suicide.

There's a reason why the threads died out. In the past Angel has expressed they are just friends, although she seems to take no issue with using Cry's streams to boost her own views. She also likes to post a lot of "lol im sad :' sorelatable" content typical of a snowflake.

He's definitely a Twitch streamer now and doesn't upload youtube LPs like he used to. He even commented about it in the announcement video about cancelling the Vampyr playthrough because he wasn't enjoying it and the videos weren't getting a lot of views. Now it's been ingrained into his personality and he doesn't even realize it was from Chey and her ghetto lifestyle.

Deaf People Teach Us How To Flirt - Deaf People Tell - Cut

He has definitely changed over time and in more ways than one. Surely it wouldn't have anything to do with how his youtube account has become a Twitch stream announcement channel, right? I'm inclined to believe the latter, mainly because Cry is good at cleaning up behind himself and keeping his mouth shut in public.

Pic related. These should really be "Cryaotic Community" threads or "Cry and Friends General" if anything, but currently there's just not much to go off of.

>Cry has allegedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend, Cheyenne. . Did something happen on last night's stream??? Otherwise, I'm going to assume this is vendetta shit (probably Cheyenne starting this thread). back at his older videos and notice that before dating Chey he didn't use so much ghetto slang.

Even this post is scraping the barrel. Maybe someday something will happen but until then Cry's career is a sinking ship. The only reason he's still afloat is because of social connections and loyal fans holding on to the past. But she's not chey and she's a good sport so I'll keep that illusion. For now.

Hell if they were to come out now, the audience would clap with approval. He said many times that by working on his anxiety and stress he's been learning to take stuff one at a time to deal with it.

And he's life isn't sinking.

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