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Allied Wallet is known as a payment solution provider for hundreds of dating websites that have already put their trust in the brand. Whether you are a niche dating website catering to specific population segments, or if you have a complex billing system, we have helped every dating business type with a multitude of unique merchant service requirements. Signing up with Allied Wallet will enable you to send and receive credit card payments online on a global scale. We have established relationships with banks around the world to make sure our clients have multiple options for payment processing. No matter where your company is located, you can accept payments from just about anyone living anywhere. Looking for love online? See which dating site is best for you

Our goal is to provide you with the most affordable service possible. We value transparency and guarantee honesty and accountability on each transaction we make. When you partner with MerchACT for your merchant account, you can rest assured that you are getting a reliable and safe payment processing solutions. Talk with one of our friendly MerchACT advisors who will assess your current situation and advise you with the right solution for your business requirements.

MerchACT offers in-house support of your merchant account, PCI compliant gateway, fraud tools, chargeback management, and reporting.

When you are the online dating business, you can face a number of problems while searching for a payment processor including: * Online.

You do not need multiple vendors because we follow up periodically to ensure that everything you can possibly need are met. While most processors charge and application fee, we make sure to give you the most affordable service we can offer. Let us know your needs and we will package an efficient payment processing service that best suits your specific requirements.

Help us determine which bank is best suited for your business by giving us a complete picture. We value transparency when it comes to working with our clients.

We will let you know exactly all the fees you are responsible for as well as the terms of our working agreement that will be upfront. As much as it is important for you to know where your money is going, it is also critical for you to understand who is responsible for your account.

With MerchACT, you will know who your merchant account relationship is with. We aim to establish and maintain long-standing merchant bank relationships based on honesty and accountability.

You are our partner in this and not just a merchant. We provide efficient merchant account services for business of all sizes, anywhere in the world.

Best payment gateway for dating sites

Let us review your business model to determine which merchant account is suited for your business. We will be more than willing to assist you because your success is our business. DATING Running a dating website can be challenging, especially when it comes to dealing with membership fees and how payments are processed.

Recurring Billing Options for dating merchants. Reliable Payment Gateway for secure transactions.

Credit Card Processing for Online Dating

Multi Currency Option for dating merchants worldwide. Review Current Status Talk with one of our friendly MerchACT advisors who will assess your current situation and advise you with the right solution for your business requirements.

Secure New Merchant Account Talk with one of our friendly MerchACT advisors who will assess your current situation and advise you with the right solution for your business requirements. Ongoing Account Management Talk with one of our friendly MerchACT advisors who will assess your current situation and advise you with the right solution for your business requirements.

We offer a wide variety of complete and quality merchant processing platform suited to your business needs. Think about your audience Do a research. Watch out for hidden fees Setup, monthly, and transaction fees are the most important charges to consider.

Ensure fraud protection Find a payment processor that will defend your transactions by default and work with you to minimize the consequences of fraudulent activity, or better yet take all possible measures to prevent fraud. All gateways should include data encryption. Also preferable is CVV2 verification.

Accept Payments for Your Dating Site. Monetize dating site with iDate Award Winner for Best Payment System in the industry! START NOW. Key features. 14 reasons to not have the right payment gateway for your dating site Perfect! It's time for you to find the best payment solution for your dating site. Wondering. Instabill got its start by offering credit card processing for online dating merchants Compatability Websites; Geographic Locations; Dating Websites for Seniors.

Read content and privacy policies Dating is a sensitive area. Check if you need recurring fees Support of subscriptions may be important if you base your service on membership fees.

Look for the best service and support Make sure your provider gives you access to your money at any time and does not block your account at every single fraud alert. Some useful info: This article by Scott Scharf on selecting the best payment processor may be of help to you.

The payment processor that hundreds online dating sites use for their credit card processing needs. We know your needs and requirements better than most. Our payment processing solutions allow for dating websites to keep this model active without Reliable Payment Gateway for secure transactions with us, we will examine your business model and determine the best course of action. A dating site owner can earn money in a number of ways. This article by Scott Scharf on selecting the best payment processor may be of help.

Speak with a member of our team and have all your questions answered. In order to participate in the Dating Pro Tour install a free Zoom app. Please fill in the blank fields. Request a free tour.

CCBill Payment Gateway for WP Dating Site: With high customer offers online payment processing, CCBill is one of the best payment service. This list of the top merchant account providers for dating websites will help you find the right credit card processor for your online dating service. How To Find Cheap credit card processing for dating sites? and that is why it is a good idea to identify the Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing.

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Dating Site Merchant Account

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