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Why Many Girls Give Unenthusiastic One Word Replies When Chatting Online?

Attention-grabbing profile , check. Strong pictures highlighting all your best traits, check. This is often the best place to figure out her personality, since her photos are an indication of how she wants to present herself. If she uses a professional headshot as her profile picture, you might conclude that she wants to be taken seriously. If she uses a picture of her ziplining through the jungle, you might try to appeal to her adventurous side. You get the idea…. Next, skim through her profile.

What's up with 1 word answers? I've messaged a lot of different women on this website. However several times a girl will respond to my original message and seemingly not look at my profile first with a short word message. What do I do in cases like this?

Would a girl respond to a message if she wasn't interested in talking? Do I keep talking to her or move on? It's hard to keep a conversation going if it's so one side. They didn't want to be rude and not reply, but they also didn't want to say a lot and show interest. Now don't bother me again. If she gives you an occasional 1 word answer then it's probably that she was busy and didn't want to leave you hanging.

If it's every answer, she's waiting till you give up without having to ignore you completely because she feels bad or something.

One word answers online dating

Surprisingly this worked for me once. Thought she was fading, was just bad at online messaging. Was super talkative in prison though. Didn't work out for other reasons though. Her pics were 2 years and 30 pounds ago.

If women reply with short, one-line replies to open-ended questions . find love online & off since because knows more about dating than a gal w. ask her a question that she'll have to answer in more than one word. If you don't know the best way to start an online dating conversation, it could take you If you're one of those guys who's been leading with “Hey, baby” or “ur. When I did the online dating thing and was interested in a man, It does remind me of one guy who was giving me one word answers on the.

And we had very little in common. Well then what is an example of something that isn't boring? I usually ask about the hobbies that they list in their profile You would think they would want to talk about something they're passionate about. If I'm in a boring chat, distracted, or anything I will drop a one word answer.

Engage a person and have a conversation. Ask them about things, have them explain, and be interesting. If you're interaction is:.

Then you aren't having a conversation.

You're talking at her. Maybe you should try something more along the lines of:. You: "I don't think I ever met a zoologist before?

She Texts One Word Answers - Relationship Advice

What made you want to explore that? Her: "I always loved animals and my dad dropped me in the monkey cage at the zoo once. They raised me as one of their own and I just wanted to give back to the community. You: "You don't say! My parents abandoned me with a pack of wolves at 12 and I killed the alpha male to become their leader!

Recently I've been trying some online dating. I notice though that not infrequently when I message a guy (or even when I respond to his. I love the part of dating when you both have text message fever. When The Word Count Of Their Texts Is Minimal texting with isn't that interested, according to online dating expert Julie Spira, is as “When someone isn't that into you, their responses to your text messages will be short, as in one to three. Hi, One problem I have occasionally with talking to girls online is some give one word answers, but they continue to respond. Here is an example. sylar petrelli is offline. Join Date: Jun ; Gender: Age: 36; Posts:

Her: "Lately I've been into laser tag, started a team called the Infradeads. You: "Undefeated you say? I'll take that as a challenge. I had a promising career at laser tag until a bigger than usual 12 year old took out my knee. If not interested, I'd expect no message or some version of "thanks but no thanks"; if interested, I'd expect something of substance.

4 Signals You Can Spot From Texting That Prove They're Not That Interested

Are you asking them questions or just making statements? Can't really expect something like "haha" or "cool" in response to a question. Ask more questions and see if you get longer responses. If they don't ask you questions, I'd think they're a self absorbed, b not interested, c dense, d any combination of the above. They are just being halfway polite, hoping you will take the hint and drop it. Or at least, that's my best guess.

Sorry, my crystal ball is in the shop right now, best I can do. If you really want to know the answer, you will have to ask THEM.

Welcome to /r/OkCupid — a place for all things online dating, critiques, advice, and the weird little community we've built here. Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your I'd consider a one-word response not even worth sending. They don't think one word answers are okay. The One Word To Stop Using On Dating Apps As we all know, as wonderful as online and dating apps are, there is a lot of competition on each. A LOT. Actually Guess which received the least amount of responses? Yep.

Not us. But that will not go over very well. If you think there is anything to be salvaged, then do as tuffguy suggested, and ask for their phone number. We here on the forums can only guess. It is almost impossible to answer a good question with a yes or a no. You could try telling them it is frustrating only getting one word replies and that you dont see how anyone can get to know anyone communicating like that.

You could ask them if they would mind swapping phone 's to talk more. Basically, every woman here has her own agenda, and like men, every woman will handle thier pof account in thier own way. It is up to you, the one interested at this point, to try and guage if she is actually interested or not.

You may have to actually ask Because at the end of the day I like to chat for a couple of days and then ask if things are going well, I highly doubt they would even give me the number when conversation has been as dry as this??

I could try it I suppose but I am a bit skeptical about such a forward approach.

This is not a gender specific trait. When I get to the point I'm sending one word answers, it's usually because I'm bored or distracted with real life.

If conversation has been flowing well and suddenly I stop talking, it's usually because the guy has said something that raises red flags for me, has been pushy, or been outright inappropriate.

Altho I am lacking patience on this lately and will probably start snapping necks here shortly. How about I don't want to move on?!

The One Word To Stop Using On Dating Apps

They are still replying so NO i won't move on, I am not asking advice on what to do next I am looking for an explanation as to why they think one word answers is ok. One of my recent messages just upgraded to a couple of sentences so there is progress, I am just saying what is the point in one word sentences?

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Page 1 of 1. This is why Im in the 'no reply is my reply' camp! I'd consider a one-word response not even worth sending.

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